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Want quick access and an easy way to see high-level things you’re working on? Customize your Dashboards at any level from your own work to a whole team to your whole company!

Use Workflows to automate your business.

Workflows are where magic happens and how Bento truly automates your business. If you have an operational process, Bento can map that to a workflow to keep your business flowing smoothly.

Attach “Actions” to each stage of your custom workflows that trigger creating tasks, new projects, webhooks, Zapier Zaps, and more!


Project Management


File Management


Team Collaboration

Database Designer


More Tools


Work management takes many tools, and we have them all available to you.

Check out our tool page to see all of the features you’ll have as a Bento user.


Automatically update and create documents for anything you need. We use merge tags from data already in the system, where you can pull in any details you want into a pre-made document template.

Track anything and create anything from data in the system with our documents tool!


In Bento we realize that many different types of people need to have access to the system and manage different work.

The HQ
Everything in the organization.
My Stuff
Your daily work.
Organize people.
Customer Portal
Collaborate with your clients.

Most flexible architecture.

Easy to use.

Enables remote work.

1000’s of use cases.

Nothing to download.

Bento users all agree. They love us!

Need more proof? Here’s how Bento gets results.

We helped Infinity Hospitality increase their revenue 4x by eliminating double-bookings and implementing inventory control using Bento.

We helped Gideons International grow their booklet distribution from 30,000 to 45 million all while maintaining the same team size.

Manage all your work in ONE place with Bento.