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Save Admin Time with Automatic Documents

One thing we know for sure – lots of people use documents everyday to get work done! We also know that updating documents can be an administrative nightmare. As your automation partner in all things work management, we are here to tell you there is a better way!

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The Hidden Costs of Old Legacy and Custom Software

We work in software and most of our conversations with other leaders are about their business and how our software can be helpful for their team. This week we were on one of those calls with one of our partners, who usually works in managed services (which means they are on site at business locations […]

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Work Management Software That Grows with You

We have a lot of different conversations with a lot of different business types, but the one common thing we see as problems are: Processes are too complex and there’s too many places to keep up with information.The businesses who plan on growing need flexible systems that can grow with them. Bento is powerful enough […]

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Always Know What’s Going on in Your Company

Team communication is more important today than ever before. Especially with teams split between different locations, knowing what is going on with your team and the work that is being done has been more challenging. Here is how Bento handles that for ourselves and for our clients. Executives & Managers: See your team’s activity We […]

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Take the stress Off Your Tech Stack

We work with many different types of people who come to us with issues on how to manage their work. Many times, it is some sort of technology resource for a company that is tasked with looking for a work management solution.  We also often hear the tale of when too many software systems, spreadsheets […]

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HR Tools: Manage your Recruiting process, team members & teams with ease in one place

As an HR Manager, you have a lot to keep up with. When you are hiring there are a lot of candidate details to keep up with and steps in the hiring process. That alone is a lot of people, places & paperwork to keep up with. Then once you have hired, keeping up with […]

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New Navigation. New Colors. Oh My!

Since our beginning back in 2015, we’ve always grown from listening to the valuable feedback that our customers give us. And when it comes to the UI/UX (user-interface/user-experience) of the Bento app, we take that feedback to heart. Because of this, our team decided to overhaul the interface to deliver a better experience for our […]

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Easily Manage Your Acquisitions & Investment Companies with Bento

As an investment company looking for companies to buy and manage, you need the right tools in your hands to protect your investments and help them grow.  Bento Systems helps you manage the acquisition process and the process to integrate new companies as an investment of yours. We do this through our CRM tool and […]

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How to Always Have a 360-degree View into Your Business Teams

As the leader of an organization, it can be hard to keep up with the pulse of what’s going on in your company. Managing multiple leaders and what their teams are doing can get overwhelming and out of hand pretty quickly without some key management principles. Communicate often with your team leaders Team leaders are […]

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Now Integrate Bento Projects with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and other Third-Party Calendars

As always, we are consistently working on improving our application and make the features convenient and easy for our users! We release new updates weekly and we are really excited to share one of the newest features we have built and release for all Bento users: Third-party calendar integration for projects.  We have a robust […]