How We Work

Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses, large and small, not only improve their processes with Bento, but save time and increase profits.

And when you partner with Bento, that’s how we’ll help you.

With the Bento platform and a change in mindset, we’ve seen that quality goes way up which decreases unhappy customers, support calls, and wasted time. The result? Higher profit margins.

Our process. Your success.

Saving money – is something we would all like to do. Whether you are struggling to manage day to day or earning a six figure salary, saving is something we all think about.

We map out your complex processes together.

Our team of business analysts and developers sits down with you (usually over a Zoom web conference) to create flow charts and supporting documentation to make sure we completely understand the current state of your business and how you currently operate.

We identify key areas for business automation.

We continue working together to refine your business processes and identify any bottlenecks that are keeping you and your team from reaching their maximum potential. From here, we come up with an automation plan using Bento.

We create solutions lightning fast.

Because our team built Bento from the ground up, we can bring your configured solution to life in record time (generally within weeks after our first session). You’ll be hands-on with the Bento platform, and we’ll be available to make additional configurations as needed.

The end goal is to give you peace of mind that your business can be scalable without taking 80 hours of your life each week.